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About My Studio

Daily Harmony Living is about creating a life that is in harmony

 with your true, authentic nature. I am called to share some of what I have learned over the years through my own personal journey,

and from working with other strong, wise travelers.

Believing that everyone has their own innate ability for healing

and self-actualization, my mission is to companion your process 

with compassionate support for your life journey.

   I offer foundational tools and practical ideas for women working through change and struggle by connecting them with their own

inner wisdom and strengths through Reiki, Tai Chi, Nature and Journaling. 

Through these practices clarity, sense of self and healing may begin. 

And, I offer an oasis right in the middle of everyday living

for those simply seeking to let go and relax

and to receive a refreshing energy boost

through Reiki or Chakra Balancing.

My studio in The Dole is an ideal location surrounded by history and creative artists of the highest caliber. 

I am constantly amazed and inspired by those around me. 


Qi Gong/Tai Chi/Reiki

Classes and services are on hold at this time.  I am currently on my annual break to focus on self-care, family, energy studies and visioning for 2022.  

I am checking emails regularly should you have any questions

or you would like to connect.

Information on classes and services will be posted near the end of the year.  Please note that I will be accepting only fully vaccinated students and clients.


I wish you health, peace and joy.


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401 Country Club Rd, Crystal Lake, IL

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"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

Lao Tzu